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Gain access to our website,, with a unique login ID and password. Experience the convenience of a customized fortnightly email alert, tailored to your relevant sectors and states, delivered in an Excel format. Get annual access to our online projects with a single username and password. Benefit from the flexibility to customize email alerts and receive updates on projects directly to your unlimited email IDs. Stay informed and seize opportunities with ease.

  • Exclusive Website Access: Gain login credentials to our website,, for comprehensive project information and updates.
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Projects India is your ultimate source for comprehensive information on hospital projects in India. Gain insights into ongoing and upcoming hospital developments, including project status, cost, contractors, consultants, and architects. Stay informed and seize opportunities in the dynamic healthcare sector with our detailed project data.

  • Civil Projects: Access detailed information on hospital projects, including infrastructure, medical facilities, and services.
  • Promoter & Key Persons: Connect with key individuals driving hospital projects for networking and collaboration.
  • Location: Explore hospital projects across India, identifying investment prospects and regional healthcare needs.
  • Contractor, Consultant & Architect: Engage with experienced professionals for successful hospital project execution.
  • Remark & Progress Details: Stay updated on project milestones, progress, and completion dates for informed decision-making.